Alpha Delta List Price, ATT3G50 Surge Protectors, Effective April 2017

All prices FOB Kentucky, USA


Model ATT3G50U; list $52.00 ea.
UHF F/F, 500 MHz, 200 watts


Model ATT3G50UB; list $62.00 ea.
As above, but 3/4 in. bulkhead one side


Model ATT3G50UBXL; list $62.00 ea.
As above but 1.5 in. bulkhead one side


Model ATT3G50U/M90; list $65.00 ea.
Rotatable 90 degree UHF male, UHF female, 500 MHz, 200 watts


Model ATT3G50F; list $62.00 ea.
F connectors, F/F, 75 ohms, 3GHz, 200 watts


Model ATT3G50B; list $84.95 ea.
Type N, bulkhead one side, F/F, 3 GHz, with mtg hardware, 200 watts


Model ATT3G50M; list $80.00 ea.
N male, N female, 3 GHz, 200 watts


Model ATT3G50; list $62.00 ea.
Type N F/F, 3 GHz, 200 watts, DLA approved, Cage Code 389A5


Model 3G50 ARC PLUG; list $15.00 ea.


Model LT; list $30.00 ea.
UHF “T” connector, 30 MHz, 200 watts only, for SWL receivers


Model LT ARC PLUG; list $18.00 ea.


Model UCGC; list $50.00 ea.
Universal Copper Ground Rod Clamp to mount up to 4 protectors


Note, for 2kW power rating, add the suffix “HP” to the part number of ARC PLUG
or protector. Not available for LT. Same price as 200 watt model, no increase.