Weight: 1kg / 2.2Lbs
Base: 195mm X 76mm X 19mm / 7.6" X 3" X .750"Kent Hand Key
Brass arm: 152mm X 12.7mm square / 6" X .500" square
Main bearing block: 25.4mm square / 1" square

The Kent Low-Line Morse Key is engineered to the highest specification from solid brass. A superior lasting and trouble-free performance is achieved by the use of silver contacts and sealed instrument ball race bearings, which ensure a totally free pivot movement with minimum friction and side play.

Contact adjustment is achieved by fine pitched threaded screws with instrument knurled heads giving micro precision adjustment. The machined wood base is weighted for stability, individually polished, and the underside is trimmed with green baize, non-slip feet and is hand finished in our own works.