Why Kent Keys?

*Precision sealed ball race bearings. Ensure totally free pivot movement with minimum friction and side play.
* Individual adjustments. Our Twin and Single Paddle keys are fitted with separate left and right spring and contact adjustment.
* Finger tip adjustments. No tools needed to make contact or spring adjustments.
* Micro precision adjustment. Fine pitch screws together with positive locking nuts ensure precision adjustment that stays set.
* CNC manufacturing. All parts made on the latest CNC machining centers.
* Refined to perfection. Almost 25 years of manufacturing and design perfection gives outstanding performance and reliability.
* Hand Finished. All assembled keys are hand finished with pride.
* Quality. Quality only a family run company can give with inspection at every stage of manufacture.

Kent Engineers have been manufacturing CW Morse keys for almost twenty five years. Being specialists in precision engineering, together with our modern well-equipped machine shop enable us to produce one of the highest quality range of paddles and Morse telegraph keys on the market today. Because of our commitment to perfection we manufacture just three basic models of Morse key - the twin iambic paddle key, the single paddle key and the hand key, which is available with a traditional wood or a steel base (KTI model). All three designs are fitted with precision ball race bearings on the key pivots which give our keys the superior feel which is unrivalled by any other manufacture. All three models are available assembled ready to use or as a fully machined and finished kit of parts for self assembly. Kent Engineers are unique in the fact that we manufacture all machined parts ourselves and so are able to pay special attention to small details, such as fine pitched threads on all contact screws (40TPI), machined flats on the contact adjusting pillars and instrument knurling on all adjusting screws and locking nuts to ensure micro precision contact adjustment. No special tools are needed for contact or spring tension adjustment and all keys are fitted with non-slip feet.