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Customer Comments on Alpha Delta Antennas

From: "Phelan, John" <****.*****@*********.***
Date: September 22, 2014 3:47:37 AM MST
To: "W8AD <************@****.***>
Subject: DX-EE Antenna

I don’t have any questions- just wanted to say thanks for a great product. Every summer my wife and I travel to Cape Cod for vacation. I usually take an HF radio with me to do some operating up there while we are visiting. In years past I was only able to operate on 40 meters because of antenna limitations. This year I bought a DX-EE and took it with me on the trip. I was able to mount the antenna on the back fence of the place where we stay. I used a 15’ fiberglass painter’s extension pole for my mast, mounted at the top of a 7’ fence (wood), which gave me about 20’ of antenna height. The antenna was mounted in an inverted vee configuration. The DX-EE was perfectly tuned on 20-10 meters. I had to shorten the 40M end wires so that it would resonate in the SSB portion of the band. After I did that, it worked like gangbusters. I worked Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Poland, UK, and New Zealand all on 100 watts… Also worked quite a few US states. I am very pleased with this antenna. It works as advertised!

73, John N3DRA
Baltimore, MD

From: Richard <*******@*******.***>
Subject: Re: Arresting Question
Date: August 24, 2014 at 4:53:12 PM MST
To: Don Tyrrell <************@****.***>

Thanks again, Don. I think the DX-EE and the LDG AT-1000ProII auto tuner are the perfect combination, and here are some recent DX gems just from this month to prove it. These are ALL 5-8 or 5-9.
Mostly 20 meters:
Balearic Islands
Myanmar (Burma)
New Zealand
Asiatic Russia
Czech Republic
Northern Ireland
Canary Islands

Thanks for an excellent product. How about an inverted V for 6 meters?


From: Doris Fox <*****@*******.***>
Subject: RE: DX-EE
Date: July 24, 2014 3:52:28 PM MST
To: Don Tyrrell <************@****.***>

Don, I have to keep you up to date:
OK, now we have DXCC among about 400 contacts, all CW. In fact, JY9FC put me in the log last night. It's spread around, VK, ZL, JA (couldn't believe that myself!), 3D2, TA, 4X, a couple Africans, most of Europe, UK, S./Central Americas and the Caribbean. So, to the non-believers I say: "Alpha Delta rules the ionosphere". Oh yeah, no problem with W1AW portable operations, either. Guess I won't have to install that 6-element full size yagi in the attic now.

73 de Brad, W3BRF

Editors Note: It should be mentioned that all of this was done on 4 WATTS!!!!!!!!!

From: Doris Fox <*****@*******.***>
Subject: RE: DX-EE
Date: April 16, 2014 at 8:38:06 PM MST
To: Don Tyrrell <************@****.***>

Hey, Don, I just had to brag one more time; please view the attached file, my log so far using the DXEE. My wattmeter says 4 watts out. It sure is a good thing I worked about 300 entities back in the '80's. Now, the ones I need are not too difficult, such as Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech, and some Dutch Caribbean islands. They are new, separate countries now. Anyway, kudos to W8AlphaDelta. I still am amazed the Pacific Ocean hears me!!! And we are locked in to the west coast of Africa--loud!

> On Apr 11, 2014, at 4:42 PM, Doris Fox <*****@*******.***> wrote:
> Don, OM, you were right. We have a pipeline here to Eastern & Western Europe, and the Caribbean! There are no mountains in the way. I am being heard, especially on 15 m during the day and 20 m. I actually worked ZM New Zealand long path. ARRL gave me credit for all of my contacts in the '70's and '80's; since then, there are many new ones on my plate. So, enough bragging, if you hear me say howdy!!!
> Thanks again,
> 73 de W3BRF .__ .__.

From: Richard *******@***********
Subject: DX Deluxe, DX-EE
Date: March 28, 2014 at 9:58:14 PM MST
To: Don Tyrrell ************@*********

This is the icing on those early log pages I sent you. Remember, I'm a retread ham, back on the air after 50 years, learning everything all over again, working with a modest station and a simple wire antenna.

I had an amazing experience on the air tonight. Had a contact with a guy in Antarctica!

There's some sort of contest going on all over the world this weekend so there were a million stations trying to connect with this guy. There I was with my hundred watts and inverted V, surrounded by dozens of stations with thousands of watts and enormous beams atop lofty towers.

I called and waited, called and waited: nothing. After about an hour or so his signal strength was about half what it had been. That meant propagation between him and me was falling apart. I thought my chances were done for.

But all of a sudden he came back to me! He gave me a 59, but I don't believe that for a second. But the contact was solid and officially confirmed. I wished him well and released the mic button. I just sat there for about 10 seconds, amazed at what had just happened.

Check out this site, particularly the map showing where that station is situated.

AMAZING! What an antenna!


Richard Kunc - W4KBX

From: Richard <*******@*******.***>
Date: January 24, 2014 7:23:26 PM MST
To: Don Tyrrell <************@*****.***>
Subject: Proof in the Pudding


Just wanted to give you a real world picture of how your DX-EE is working for me.

I'm in Eustis, Florida, elevation 69 feet. All I have is an Icom IC-746PRO putting out maybe 100 watts, and your antenna.

The antenna is surrounded by huge trees. The center is up about 33 feet, and right now the two legs are too close to one another at too sharp an angle. But I'm having so much fun and it's been so cold out there…

These log pages tell the story.

Thanks for a great antenna.

Richard Kunc

From: Pete <*******@*********.***>
Subject: Re: DXCC antenna - nice job and thanks
Date: December 18, 2013 at 9:53:45 PM MST
To: Don Tyrrell <*******@*********.***>


No problem, glad to report on its fine performance. I failed to mention though my reaction upon opening the package. I mean, after all it's just a wire dipole, right? What could possibly stand out with that? Well, I'll tell ya' I wasn't prepared for the tank like build quality and careful winding of the wires at the center feed, wow! That's not easy even with machinery. I deliberately did the same with the spacer locating wires and it took a hefty wire plier to do it, part of why it took half a day to put it together. The entire antenna right down to the care of winding up the wires, the symmetry of the coil attachment and their robust design (pretty darn clever I thought), and all around air of quality belies its price, it really does. And I've built a number of antennas, wire type included. By comparison they're to a one shabby at best, kudos to the design, mfg, and QA/QC teams, helluva job!

Have a good one,

Pete Goudreau, AD5HD

Alpha Delta custom made antenna components for the DX series antennas. These and our other high quality components provide highly efficient operation and great DX performance!

The Model DX-LB is used with the U.S. Marine Corps "3rd Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion", guarding the perimeter of Camp Leatherneck Afghanistan. It is used for Marine HF data, voice and e-mail communications across the battle zones with military HF radios using HF modems and specialized tuning equipment for Marine HF frequencies. The Comm operator told us "it's the best HF antenna we have out there"! Alpha Delta is proud to be part of our country's defense system!